6 Online Shopping Sites I am Happily Surprised By

I am and always have been a tactile person, I want to "feel" the fabric, see the garment, try it on.

Shopping online has basically been for items that I have already had and needed more of, like that favorite pair of cashmere socks.  

Or the shoes I've tried on in the store and  have found a better price "online".

Lately, I have realized that I enjoy online "window shopping".  Browsing through web sites and favorite blogs that I am inspired by or for items on my wish list.  

But...sometimes I find it frustrated trying to find what I want based on search and the amount of time, sometimes hours, have gone by and ohh, do I feel guilty.  So, when I came across an article on shopping sites that curate some of my favorite things, things, I didn't even know I liked or wanted.  I can breeze through these sites in minutes or set aside a shopping afternoon and be totally surprised by what I have found.

I am happily surprised by these 6 curated sites:

Tydepool - A Collection of Remarkable Creatures from Amazon and Etsy.

Canopy - Canopy features beautiful and functional products, you can actually buy. They bring boutique curation to the Internet’s largest catalog.

Keep - Keep is the place to go when you want to discover and buy the latest trends in fashion, decor, accessories, and design.

Wooly - Wooly finds uncommon objects and offers them for sale. Only one of each. Whoever raises their hand first, gets it.

Spootnik - At SPOOTNIK, the world’s most prestigious leaders handpick their favorite brands for you.  From exciting cities such as
Los Angeles, Tokyo or Paris, SPOOTNIK offers you to explore the world’s most exciting brands.

Bezar - Bezar is a curated online design marketplace, the site features unique pieces from emerging designers in four categories: art, home, jewelry, and accessories.


If you would like to read the entire article on Britt & Co, please go here.  6 Online Shopping Sites You Didn’t Know You Needed 

Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall is a Wardrobe, Web, and Photo stylist. Specializing in apparel and product styling for both On-Figure and Off-Figure including table top, mannequin, lay-down and “on the wall” photo styling. As a Personal Stylist, Cynthia Hall can help you build a polished, put-together wardrobe based on you, your personality, and lifestyle. Your wardrobe will center on what looks great on you, not just on fashion trends. Saving time and money Cynthia will help you streamline your wardrobe and costly fashion mistakes and obtain confidence that when you walk out the door you look your absolute best!