About Cynthia


It all began as kid, loving fashion and a personal sense of style, Cynthia would coordinate outfits the night before school.  After graduating with a Fine Art degree, and many stops in between, Cynthia was offered a position as the wardrobe stylist on a television commercial for Toyota traveling to San Francisco.

For the next decade, Cynthia continued her career as a Wardrobe Stylist for some of the best commercial stylist and commercial agencies in Los Angeles.  While always dabbling in other means to express her creativity, Cynthia has experienced working as a personal assistant, visual merchandiser, administrative assistant (yuck!), shop girl, artist, commissioned for her watercolors paintings, and event designer.  During a small break, Cynthia grabbed the opportunity to live in a small studio apartment in beautiful Florence, Italy.  All of these experiences come together in way that, Cynthia Hall of Style, brings a unique and diverse perspective to every job.

“Through style, my goal is to inspire, uplift and enrich my environment and others.”

Cynthia soon realized a need and an opportunity to create good wardrobes for clients all around Redondo Beach to Orange County.   As a personal stylist, Cynthia knows how to create a wardrobe that is as unique as her clients. From complete closet makeovers to finding that item for your special event.   Cynthia is great at making you look your very best.

“My sense of style is defined by wearing what looks best on you, creating a sense confidence and feeling beautiful.”

When Cynthia is not styling, she is most likely expressing her creativity in her home and in her life, with how she dresses, decorates, cooks, and plays.  Expressing her style is the subject of Cynthia’s blog, Cynthia Hall of Style.  Please visit HERE.