De-Winterize your Closet…Transition into Spring

Spring Cleaning

Some days are hot as heck and the next I’m pulling back on my puffy jacket, so, let’s transition into spring and de-winterize your closet.

Divide and Conquer is my recommendation, breaking up this task into smaller projects.

  1. Start off with your accessories, organize them into three piles: trash, store and fix.  Donate the items your trashing, (unless they are damaged, then really trash them)  clean the items you’re keeping, fix and mend  the ones in need of repair before you stash them away for next year.  (Maybe keep a beanie and scarf to wear with you light weight clothes.)
  2. Next, the bulky stuff, coats and puffy parkas but keep the appropriate jackets, bombers, and trenches to wear over light weight layers.   Start by deciding which styles you can get rid of, and what items you would like to store for next fall.  You might think about selling, or donate to your favorite charity.  (it might be best to hold off on donations and selling items until next season when, like you, they will be looking for warmer clothes) Anything you want to use for next season should be professionally cleaned.
  3. On to the pants, although it might not be warm enough for bare legs, its time to pack away your wools, tweeds, velvets,  and heavy trousers.  Add any styles you’re sick of to the donation/sell pile.  Keep all you denim adding a few light-rinse styles to wear now.
  4. Check out your shoes, see what shape your winter boots are in and decide whats worth taking the cobbler to fix.  When you get your footwear back know that some of your knee-high styled shoes can work with spring style clothing and straight through summer.  Sandals should stay inside until summer is officially here.
  5. Let go of your sweaters.  Pack up the most winter-y styles and pick out a few mid-weight sweaters to keep you warm for the next few months.  Always, make sure you launder everything, placing donated/sold items in a separate pile.
  6. And now for the stragglers.  Towards the end of spring when the weather gets warmer, go ahead and pack up all the just-in-case emergency items you left out.

Enjoy all of the beautiful warm days of sunshine!

revised from the article “How To Clean Out Your Closet For Spring: Six Easy Steps To Start Now”  By Alison Syrett @ LuckyShop 

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