Create your own Flower Ring

DIY a flower ring


I belong to our neighborhood garden club and every year we have a Flower Show.  I started out wanting submit a spectacular floral arrangement, something grand and unique and totally different than anything anyone had ever seen.   Well, the day of the flower show I had nothing in my garden except for a few succulents. ( I love succulents!)  But no real flowers, nothing I could even remotely or creatively put together that could be seen as a “floral arrangement”.  Soo, Pinterest here I come.  I am not sure what I searched for, “floral arrangements with no flowers”, “interesting ways to wear flowers”, “not a floral head piece”,   but,  “ta-da”,  this beautiful and fun DIY  Flower  Ring popped up on Belle and Bunty.  Belle & Bunty is a London based blog showing things that I love including all things Fashion, Bridal, Interiors, Textiles, Art, Culture and Photography.

This ring looked so easy and quick to do, I made it and wore it to my luncheon.  Really in only about 20 minutes.  I picked a few little tiny flowers from my garden, the big orange flower I saved from a dying week old bouquet I bought from Trader Joes.

Here is how I made my beautiful flower ring (20 minutes!)

steps to DIY a flower ring

1- First of all gather all your supplies:

Floral wire
Floral tape
Base  – Plastic lid, or a card, or even old cereal box
Hot glue gun
Flowers, greenery, little baby florets

2 – Create a little base out of the plastic lid, a card stock, or even old cereal box, wrap the base with the floral tape.

3 –  Create a loop with the floral wire that will fit around your finger, and wrap the loop in the floral tape and attach it to the base.

4 – Then simply glue on the greenery and flowers to create your own beautiful flower ring.


DIY - Flower Ring

I think it’s really pretty and was so much fun to wear!




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