Fashionistas Fight Back

One of the reasons I really like FB is that I can count on so many of my friends, friends of friends, and even friends of friends of friends... to post info on events that I would have never know about. Like this Fashionista Exhibition. Enter as an artist and experience the exhibition starting October 3rd at the OCCCA.

Fashion has always been an inspiration to a creative mind, "major designers signal deeper appreciation of their creativity" - Shana Nys Dambrot is an art critic, curator, and author based in Los Angeles

Fashion is a seductive powerhouse in contemporary culture, worthy of celebration and critique. Fashion is a weapon --- against boredom, the prosaic, and the humdrum. OCCCA seeks artworks that comment on fashion, reflecting its influence, illustrating fashion’s role in art and in life.

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OCCCA is a giant loft space with concrete floors, vaulted, trussed beam ceiling, track lighting, and video projection. The space can accommodate DJs, and a mob of revelers. Events will be planned for the opening night and during the run of the exhibition, including fashion shows by exhibiting artists who are able to pull it off. Submit your artwork in any medium --- couture as well --- to Fashionistas Fight Back!

Visit for details. (All entry fees help support an artist-run, non-profit, community-based arts organization, serving the community since 1980. All accepted works will eventually have a permanent presence in OCCCA’s digital online slide registry, available to critics, curators, and collectors.)

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October 3 - November 14, 2015
Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA)
117 North Sycamore,
Santa Ana, CA. 92701 USA

Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall is a Wardrobe, Web, and Photo stylist. Specializing in apparel and product styling for both On-Figure and Off-Figure including table top, mannequin, lay-down and “on the wall” photo styling. As a Personal Stylist, Cynthia Hall can help you build a polished, put-together wardrobe based on you, your personality, and lifestyle. Your wardrobe will center on what looks great on you, not just on fashion trends. Saving time and money Cynthia will help you streamline your wardrobe and costly fashion mistakes and obtain confidence that when you walk out the door you look your absolute best!