Personal Styling


Hosting or attending a special event? Packing for a vacation? Starting a new job? Suffering from closet confusion? I can help.

"I can get you dressed!" - Cynthia Hall

I offer a variety of styling and consulting services; below are just a few examples of how we  can work together.

Start with a Consultation

I take into consideration your attributes, preferred style and personality to guide you to the best fashion choices for YOU.

Based on your needs and budget, together we can decide on the best plan of action.

You will never say you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear again!

Onto Closet Editing

You have great clothes in your closet, but are challenged with how to put it all together.  Let's go through your wardrobe, reorganize and re-assess your closet,  assess your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes, eliminate outdated and ill-fitting  items and keep the garments that best suit your style.

Determine what is missing to complete your style.  Identify and list items and pieces to shop for that will help build your successful wardrobe.

I'll teach you to make great effective stylish decisions and make it easier for you to get dressed and feel your best.

"I love re-purposing,  putting  together new outfits with the items you already have. 

I’ll show you new ways to wear what you already own." - Cynthia Hall

I can do the Shopping

Let me do the shopping and bring the purchases back to you.

Try your new items on in the convenience of your home.  Purchase what looks great.  I will return the items we decide not to keep.

Remember your Friends

A Personal Stylist is a great gift for both men and women.